Adhesive tapes


Adhesive tapes are used in electrical insulation, fixing and screening of products.

Based on Von Roll's Isotape® and Intertape® brands, we sell a range of self-adhesive tapes specially made for our core business. Our offerings consist of several kinds of adhesive tape based on a wide range of backing materials.


Adhesive tape is available in various widths and colours and in the following thermal classes:

  • Insulation class 105°C (A)
  • Insulation class 130°C (B)
  • Insulation class 155°C (F)
  • Insulation class 180°C (H)
  • Insulation class 200°C (C)


Read more about our selection of tape materials: 

Glass cloth - Glass filament - Polyester film - Polyester laminate - Polyimide film - Specialty