Icel s.r.l., founded in Italy in 1960, produces plastic film capacitors, R-C networks and interference suppressors. Thanks to a high automation level, Icel manufactures components with many different available executions and foreseen applications, covering a wide range of needs in the electronic and electrotechnic professional field.


Typical applications for Icel products are motor running, power electronics, medical and industrial equipments, traction drives, UPS, SMPS and telecommunication equipments.

Specialized in the design and production of custom components and capacitors having a high-tech and qualitative content, Icel exports more than 65% of its total production all over the world. Icel products are in conformity with international standards and normative and some series are approved by certification institutes as IMQ, VDE, SEV, UL, CSA.  


From Icel we offer:

  • Polyester film capacitors
  • Polypropylene film capacitors
  • Power capacitors
  • R-C networks
  • AC/Motor run capacitors


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