Film & laminations


Insulation materials have been an important part of our product range from the very beginning. 

Trafomo can offer you any product or combination of products from paper products to high tech polymers. Many of these products are now also used for many other applications, such as release film or for graphic use.


With our extensive range of insulation products, we can meet all requirements in terms of:

  • Shape and size: reels, profiles, tape, sleeves, lamination sheets or stamped parts 
  • Specific properties such as thermal class and breakdown voltages
  • Special demands such as adhesion, printability, clarity/opacity or demands for low shrinkage


To give you an overview, we split our film and laminations into the following groups:

Kapton® polyimide film

Polyester film - Mylar® Melinex® Hostaphan®  

Nomex® aramid paper